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Turf Fertilization Photo © Dreamstime/Stjepan Banovic Decreasing contamination of runoff By Christopher Murray, PhD L andscapers, golf superintendents, and others involved in turfgrass management are increasingly inundated with messages telling them maintaining turf is hurting the environment on which they rely. Pesticides used to eliminate weeds, insects, and fungi are thought to contribute to diseases such as cancer, while grass fertilization leads to contaminated runoff ending in lakes, rivers, and streams. Further, irrigating thirsty lawnsin the height of summer puts additional stress on water supplies. Cosmetic, residential use of pesticides is already severely and generally restricted throughout many areas of the country, and municipalities are doing all they can to curb unnecessary use of water during the driest July 2013 11 CG_July2013.indd 11 6/7/13 2:00:07 PM