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SURVIVING a Municipal Cosmetic Photo © Dreamstime/Jamesvancouver Pesticide Ban By Deborah Henderson, PhD M anaging pests, diseases, and weeds within cosmetic pesticide bans can be a challenge. Every municipality has different rules and even provincial bans regulate in dramatically different ways across the country. While most people understand and agree with the concern about overuse of pesticides and protecting the environment and their health, the turf industry is also faced with maintaining rather high standards for the cosmetic value of landscapes and a very real gap between what is expected and what is possible. It is difficult to be the bearer of bad news. Whether provincial or municipal, the recurring themes of Canadian legislation is to ban: • active ingredients; • products based on their use patterns; or • products based on concentration or package size. 4 March 2013 CG_Mar2013.indd 4 2/26/13 3:38:02 PM