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Leading Your LANDSCAPE Investing in the right people can take companies to the next level By Brian Clegg T here are many challenges facing today’s landscape professionals, from keeping up with new design trends and technologies to the tried and true dilemmas of time management and weather- related issues. However, after more than 47 years in the landscape industry, the most common issue I hear about from landscape Photo © Dreamstime/Monkey Business Images TEAM business owners is they can’t find good people to install their work. Landscape shows abound with seminars on business-related topics, such as annual budgeting, estimating, computerizing and company profiling, to name just a few. These elements of the business are no doubt important and very necessary; in fact, one might consider them the ‘brains’ of the 24 March 2013 CG_Mar2013.indd 24 2/25/13 11:32:39 AM