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ORGANIC MATTER Photo courtesy Sean James The Increasing Need for By Chelsea Stroud, B.Sc. Agr. (Hort.), GRP U nexpected weather has become the norm over the past decade, and last summer was no exception. In 2012, Environment Canada reported that parts of Ontario saw up to nine days above 30 C (86 F) in June, and areas across the country showed temperatures that were among the warmest 10 summers on record. 1 In terms of precipitation, Environment Canada reported Canada as a whole experienced wetter than normal conditions last summer. 2 Although in Southern Ontario, precipitation was down approximately 10 to 20 per cent from historical norms. As climate continues to be out of control, we are becoming more aware of our depleting 42 January 2013 CG_Jan2013.indd 42 1/17/13 1:31:34 PM