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BUILDER | Backyard Getaways Inc. Brampton, Ont. Tel: 905-789-0991 never N E V E R S AY Turning unusable space into prime real estate A As many business owners can relate, owning and operating a company involves long work hours, and any time that is left for a little R and R does not permit travelling or going to a cottage. Such was the case for this homeowner in Vaughan, Ont., whose house serves as a gathering place for family and friends. Although the backyard already included a large, stamped-concrete patio, outdoor kitchen, and covered pavilion area, the thought of adding a swimming pool to the mix upped the ante of the backyard’s entertainment value. Unfortunately, the only space in the yard that could accommodate the pool, while keeping everything else intact, was deemed unusable until Backyard Getaways, a swimming pool design/build company in Brampton, Ont., got involved. While prior builders suggested a pool installation was not possible, Backyard Getaways thought outside the box and requested a minor zoning variance from the city that would allow the pool to be installed in the exterior side yard. Once this was approved, the challenge then became installing the pool while at the same time keeping the existing backyard features, maintaining a safe walkway between the house and pool, and incorporating an automatic pool safety cover. To do this, Backyard Getaways used 3-D computer modelling (inset, middle) along with an innovative, poured structural concrete wall forming system to build the 4.2- x 8-m (14- x 26-ft) rectangular swimming pool and customized its shape by cutting off one of the 90-degree corners. To accommodate the automatic cover (inset, right), an extreme-cantilevered deck was designed to allow the cover to simply slide beneath the cut corner. To match the existing patio and decking, architectural saw cuts were made to the stamped concrete pool deck, while the pool was finished in marbelite plaster and features a custom mosaic glass-tile waterline. The completed design is very contemporary with clean lines, including a full-length 8-m (26-ft) concrete wall, which is faced with natural stone and houses three, light-emitting diode (LED) sheer water features. PSP_Annual_2013.indd 21 Pools, Spas & Patios ■ 21 2/20/13 12:34:34 PM 4/1/13 4:20:56 PM