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sensualappeal SPECIAL DESIGN ELEMENTS 9-m (30-ft) vanishing edge Stone-clad steps and underwater seat Multi-level lounge and deck areas Automatic, slatted pool cover ■ ■ ■ ■ BUILDER | Alka Pool Construction Ltd. Burnaby, B.C. Tel: 604-320-2552 T This homeowner in Burnaby, B.C., definitely knew what they wanted when they called on Alka Pool Construction Ltd., also of Burnaby, to install an esthetically pleasing aquatic attraction that would complement the family’s outdoor entertaining lifestyle. Subtle S O P H I S T I C AT I O N Intricate stonework makes this pool quite special 16 ■ Pools, Spas & Patios PSP_Annual_2013.indd AlkaPools_1p_SApp.indd 16 Sec1:1 As the property comprised a split-level lot with a gentle, progressive southwest slope, it naturally lent itself to a vanishing-edge pool design. That said, a 3.6- x 9.7-m (12- x 32-ft) pool was installed, complete with an angular vanishing edge, which nearly spans the entire length of the pool, allowing water to cascade into a lower catch basin. On the opposite wall, an underwater seat runs the entire length of the pool, allowing bathers to relax after a vigorous swim. A series of terraced steps and landings connect the upper and lower outdoor living areas, giving the property a Mediterranean feel. Seating and lounge areas progress from the house to the pool, with each space offering an immaculate view of the landscaped rear yard and cityscape beyond. This outstanding swimming pool is the focal point of the backyard as it serves to connect all of these entertaining areas into one cohesive space. Making this project all that more special were the carefully thought out textures and finishes used throughout. For instance, the steps leading down into the pool as well as the underwater seat are clad in thick bluestone slabs, while irregularly split bluestone was used to finish the outer spill of the vanishing edge. To create harmony in design, Alka Pool finished the pool’s interior with a pebble-plaster coating, which colour co-ordinates with the other stonework used throughout the project. Finally, an automated, slatted cover was installed to insulate the pool and reduce the homeowner’s heating costs, while also extending their swimming season. When not in use, the cover disappears conveniently into a roller pit, beneath the pool deck. Working with Alka Pools on this project was Teragon Developments, which managed the landscaping and house construction, along with landscape architect, Eckford/Tyacke & Associates. 3/28/13 4:20:01 PM 4/1/13 4:45:14