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sensualappeal SPECIAL DESIGN ELEMENTS Tropical-themed concrete pool/spa 5.5 m (18 ft) coral reef tiled mosaic Underwater bench and dry-drink tables Automation system ■ ■ ■ ■ BUILDER | Master Pools by Dominion Gunite Calgary, Alta. Tel: 403-221-9030 C Calming and relaxing are the words that come to mind when describing this indoor, tropical-themed swimming pool and spa installation in Calgary. Designed and built by Master Pools by Dominion Gunite, also of Calgary, the theme for the project was mainly inspired by the owner’s experiences in the West Coast of Mexico. Aquatic A R T Recreating the allure of the tropics 28 ■ Pools, Spas & Patios PSP_Annual_2013.indd MasterPools_1p_SApp.indd 28 Sec1:1 As a result, the entire basin of each aquatic feature was finished with glass-pebble tile, creating a brilliant, tropical-like turquoise finish. Various handcrafted Mexican mosaics were also incorporated into the tile work, including a 5.5-m (18-ft) coral reef on the pool floor. This feature mimics these underwater structures, complete with tiny living animals (e.g. sea anemones) found in marine waters. At night, attention is drawn to these features via strategically placed fibre optic and light-emitting diode (LED) lighting assemblies, which heightens the ambiance of the space. The ‘L’-shaped swimming pool has a gradual depth from 1 to 1.8 m (3.5 to 6 ft) and includes an underwater bench and dry-drink tables that are located just below the automatic cover track elevation. These features provide great lounge areas for large pool parties in addition to offering rest areas for those swimming laps along the pool’s longest wall. The spa, located adjacent to the swimming pool, furthers the calming and relaxing appeal of the aquatic environment as it allows the homeowner to soak away their aches and pains in warm, jetted, hydrotherapeutic waters without being removed from the main pool area. A water feature wall, which includes various spray-jet features, was also included to add further fun and excitement for the homeowner’s children. To make maintenance and operation easier, Master Pools included automatic chemistry and water level control equipment, allowing the homeowner to control various items, including both pool and spa covers, lighting, and water features with the push of a button. And, thanks to the design of the pool and spa enclosure, the homeowner is offered the best of both worlds as the use of large windows and bi-folding doors create a free-flowing connection to the outdoors. 4/1/13 4:21:38 AM 8:51:13 PM