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BUILDER | Oasis Pools Ltd. Burlington, Ont. Tel: 905-637-7711 symmetry ARCHITECTURAL Crafting an intimate outdoor living space T This Oakville, Ont., family invested in their backyard to create an exotic, spa-like atmosphere that would allow them to entertain and spend quality family time in lieu of the burden of commuting to a cottage. Before this backyard escape could be completed, however, the design had to accommodate the rear lot, which sloped aggressively to the back of the property. Therefore, due to the property grade, Oasis Pools Ltd., of Burlington, Ont., constructed one integrated structure, building the pool, raised hot tub and elevated walls of concrete. This structure also serves as the retaining wall in the rear of the sloping yard and not only provides the client with added privacy, but also supports a planting bed along the length of the pool. The pool’s rear wall incorporates a custom, 2.4-m (8-ft) sheer descent waterfall, which sends a smooth sheet of water into the pool, adding architectural drama to the backyard setting. Finally, the close proximity of the closure to the raised hot tub further facilitates the spa-like setting and provides the homeowner easy access to the hot tub during the winter. Both the pool (4.8 x 12 m [16 x 40 ft]) and hot tub (1.8 x 3 m [6 x 10 ft]) are rectangular in shape and feature textured glass and marble tile with a white interior marbelite finish. The pool and wall copings are Banas stone, while the wall facings were finished with full, 127-mm (5-in.) South Bay Granite stone. At night, the mood in the backyard is amplified via strategically placed colour-changing, light-emitting diode (LED) lighting, which is controlled— along with the waterfall—by a backyard automation system and separate remote control. The completed design provides a seamless flow from the rear doors of the home to a large sitting area surrounding a stone-faced gas fireplace, descending down a set of stairs to a large patio, which includes a built-in gas barbecue next to a lounge area beside the elevated hot tub. Finally, integrated steps lead directly down into the pool, which has a gradual depth of 1 to 2.4 m (3 to 8 ft). Oasis Pools worked closely with Dan O’Brien and Associates landscaping architects (design) and Focus on Landscapes (stone work, landscaping, and landscape lighting) in completing this project. PSP_Annual_2013.indd 27 Pools, Spas & Patios ■ 27 4/1/13 8:44:41 AM 4:21:37 PM