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Preserving 10 Light Street’s Exterior Façade with Restoration by John Hovermale, PE Photos courtesy RMF Engineering ONE OF BALTIMORE’S MOST VISIBLE AND RECOGNIZABLE BUILDINGS IS LOCATED AT 10 LIGHT STREET, CLOSE TO THE WATERFRONT. THE 34-STORY STRUCTURE IS CONSIDERED TO BE THE FIRST SKYSCRAPER IN THE CITY; IT HAS REMAINED ITS TALLEST BUILDING FOR NEARLY 50 YEARS. The construction of the tower started in July 1928 and was completed in 15 months. This is a remarkable feat given its magnitude—approximately 46,450 m 2 (500,000 sf) and standing taller than 152 m (500 ft). The building also showcases a high level of architectural detail on its interior and exterior design. It is one of the historic gems of the Maryland Historic Trust, the City of Baltimore’s 62 the construction specifier | november 2013 CS_November2013.indd 62 2013-10-16 11:29 AM