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SAFETY, SECURITY, and Specialty Doors Finding new solutions within familiar products by Jason Millard, CSI All images courtesy Cornell Iron Works IF NECESSITY IS THE MOTHER OF INVENTION, THEN THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE IS INVENTING PRODUCT SOLUTIONS TO ADDRESS THE BLURRING LINES BETWEEN OCCUPANT SAFETY AND BUILDING SECURITY. Today, design/construction professionals are faced with evolving requirements that couple the demands for environmental separation and access control, while still maintaining fire protection and emergency egress for building occupants. While these new challenges appear daunting, it may be surprising to learn their solutions can often be found by looking at familiar products from a different perspective. As there is rarely only one answer for each situation, by combining advanced operational features with traditional closure products, a new generation of multi-function products are now being configured to balance the challenge between safety and security. These products are being specified to serve different purposes based on their application and the specific situation at hand. The result is the emergence of comprehensive life safety and security systems that integrate familiar products in a unique fashion. Whether through advance planning in the new construction design phase, or adaptation of installed product in existing facilities, these new configurations may perform a vital role in one’s overall emergency response plans. 54 the construction specifier | july 2013 CS_July2013.indd 54 6/14/13 8:29:50 AM