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Understanding Why DOORS LEAK Findings from a durability lab by Adrian Gerard Saldanha and David H. Nicastro, PE All images courtesy Building Diagnostics Inc. LEAKING EXTERIOR DOORS ARE A COMMON PROBLEM AFFECTING BUILDING OWNERS AND TENANTS, CAUSING PROPERTY DAMAGE, AND REQUIRING EXPENSIVE REPAIRS. DESIGNERS AND BUILDERS ARE AWARE OF THE ISSUE. NEVERTHELESS, THEY CONTINUALLY STRUGGLE TO PREVENT WATER INFILTRATION THROUGH THIS FUNDAMENTAL BUILDING ELEMENT. Figure 1 (page 54) catalogs the various routes taken by rain infiltrating a doorway. Most of the sources of leaks can be eliminated by better design and construction practices, but there remains an intractable problem that must be addressed by the industry. This article focuses on accessible exterior swing doors used on office buildings, retail, multi-family residential, and institutional buildings for entrances, emergency exits, terraces, balconies, and patios. 52 the construction specifier | may 2013 CS_May2013.indd 52 4/16/13 3:35:33 PM