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Using Conventional Curtain Walls Unconventionally Reinvention for design, longer spans, and higher performance by Christopher O’Hara, PE, SECB, and Julian Lineham, PE, C.Eng., MICE, SECB Photo © Nic Lehoux. Photo courtesy Studio NYL Structural Engineers THERE IS A PRECONCEPTION UNIQUE, HIGH-FUNCTIONING FAÇADES MUST COMPRISE CUSTOM COMPONENTS AND A LARGE BUDGET. HOWEVER, RECENT PRECEDENTS HAVE DEMONSTRATED HOW EMPLOYING FAMILIAR COMPONENTS IN AN UNFAMILIAR WAY CAN ACHIEVE A DISTINCTIVE ENCLOSURE SYSTEM. aesthetic impact. Reconfigured conventional systems and technologies (including local production) can also deliver substantially reduced construction costs. To illustrate this, the authors will examine three approaches taken to reconfigure curtain wall systems along with detailed project examples that demonstrate how the redesign of conventional curtain wall systems can deliver impressive results. Reinventing conventional glass curtain wall technologies by using alternate arrangements allows specifiers and architects to span greater distances and raise performance, while also elevating the design’s Veneer systems While some manufacturers may discourage this approach, ‘intelligent’ elements of curtain wall systems (i.e. warranties, sustainable features, and insurance 14 the construction specifier | april 2013 CS_April2013.indd 14 3/14/13 11:46:13 AM